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Politics is important...

We live in a world where 1% of the humans on the planet have half of the money. 10% of the people hold 85% of the money.  The system is rigged. We have some people living without shelter, basic food or medical help, whilst others have luxury yachts, multiple homes and vast swathes of land.

at T-shirtme, we believe there must be a fairer system and we will actively help raise money for causes that combat that inequality.

At the shop we have a rattling tin for a local strike fund, you can put some spare change in there when passing.

We hold some money back from our profits, and accept donations to be able to buy donate clothing to those in need.  

Supporting people important...

We've been involved with several campaigning and charity groups over the years.  The biggest currently is

The Specialized Project, who are a CIC that raises money for Teenage Cancer Trust, Tonic Music for Mental Health, and lots of other causes.

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